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Poster: librivoxbooks Date: Nov 1, 2010 6:10pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Edit typos in reviews? Search gripe!

Yes, you can edit your reviews. If you are logged in with the same user name that you used to write your review, hit the "Write a Review" button, and it will open your previous review so that you can edit it.

The other issue confuses me a bit. When you search, say in "Audio", it then adds "AND mediatype:audio" to your search term. It shouldn't make any difference to your search results.

Ruth at LibriVox.

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Poster: gl1200phil Date: Nov 2, 2010 1:11am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Edit typos in reviews? Search gripe!

Thank you Ruth, for taking the time to answer my questions! I's also like to thank you so much for volunteering and for the work you do at Librivox and IA! I'm a huge fan of Librivox and now that I'm finally going to get my mouth fixed, I should be able to talk normally again. I hope to do some reading! There are so many FANTASTIC readers at Librivox, it just blows me away!!

My problem I ALWAYS have here at IA, is when I'm trying to do a search for a specific item. Case in point-I was trying to find a specific copy of "Nosferatu" to watch on Halloween. (I just now tried it, again) Enter "Nosferatu" in the first box, select "moving images" in second, hit enter, now the search changes to "Nosferatu and media type movies" in first box,and 2nd box "all media types". In that instance all different copies did show up, but a few days ago, all I could get were the same three copies, over and over out of at least 20 or 30. I wish I could come up with a better explanation, but of course now if I TRY to make it not work for me, it works fine. I vaguely remember looking for Ambrose Bierce and Mark Twain back a while ago and couldn't find the specific LIBRIVOX short story collections I had been looking for. I'm sure on a few occasions putting in author's names like "Algernon Blackwood"in the first box and "audio books" in the second, and then hit the search button, the first box would turn to "Algernon Blwd and media collections" and the second would turn to something irrelevant and then the search would come up blank.Like I say,it would be something I had seen before and then of course would run into it looking for something else. Anyway I ramble and beat a dead horse!

Thank you so much for doing your part to make all of these awesome resources available!!
Peace and Blessings! phil, an old hippie,seattle

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Poster: librivoxbooks Date: Nov 2, 2010 3:35am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Edit typos in reviews? Search gripe!

Ah, can't help with non-Librivoxy searches here, but I can with searching for specific authors in LibriVox short story collections. It just doesn't work on Internet Archive, as the individual authors are rarely mentioned. It is best to use the advanced search of the LibriVox catalogue for that. Search for the author, status complete. You will get results like "8 matches in Short Story Collections" and can then click through and see them all.

Do not despair about the mouth thing. I had a dental disaster myself earlier this year, and thought that I would never regain my previous speech control. But with perseverence I did. :D


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Poster: gl1200phil Date: Nov 3, 2010 6:44pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Edit typos in reviews? Search gripe!

Thank you so much for your time Ruth! I'd also like to thank you for the reassurance for the mouth, also. It's comforting knowing someone has been thru the same experience as you, and everything turned out well. As always, it seems like the holidays are approaching again waaaay before they're due. I hope they are very enjoyable for you and your loved ones.
Peace and many Blessings from seattle!